Modeling her Clothes

My wife and her friends were at a fund raising event which featured a lingerie show, including some men's clothing. They had a few drinks before coming home. When they got to our house, they were complaining about the models. My wife said even I had better legs than the models. The other ladies said to prove it, so she took me and dressed me in panties and stockings and other lingerie and made me model it for her friends. I was embarrassed at first, but then got excited as they began catcalls and whistling. I really started to strut my stuff as I changed into her very sexy stuff. I decided on a grand finale of lacy black panties, garter, and thigh high fishnet stockings. The girls loved it and so did I, until I saw the camera flash. Then she threatened to post it on Facebook if I did not let her fondle me. My wife nodded her approval and the fun began. The women were all over me. We had sex in so many ways, I lost count. I hope my wife volunteers me for more fashion shows.

— Matt, 46