Costing Too Much

I am very frustrated with a big name panty store. Every time I think I have all the pretty print panties, two weeks later they have all new ones. It's costing me a fortune and I can't stop buying all the panties so I have them to wear. My wife knows and she is ok with it, but now she is getting mad because I have too many. Every time they change up the prints, I must have them all. I am so hooked; I love how they fit, feel, and look. My wife is mad because it's costing so much. She told me I have more than her and all her friends combined and if I don't stop spending money, she is going to punish me with a belt over my pantied bottom. So all that did was cause me to go back to the store again an hour ago and drop another seventy-five bucks.

— Mark, 22