She's In Charge

My pretty wife began dancing more and more with one nice guy at the club. Later in bed with me, she kept teasing me about his wanting to kiss her sometime. I knew they whispered a good deal when dancing, and she kept pressing me about the idea of this handsome baseball player kissing her. He was fourteen years her junior and very well built. I whispered in her ear that it sounded like I had a "hot wife", but she teased me until I relented and told her that she was in charge of the kissing. "He can kiss you anytime you want kissed, and I won't say a thing. Let him kiss you right in front of me. I won't say a thing even though I'll be jealous," I told her. Friday night at the dance, the two of them had some lingering kisses which drove me up the wall. Did I mention that my lovely wife has a tiny waist and draws looks and comments wherever she goes? When the dances end now, they say goodnight in the parking lot with their arms around one another, kissing, and I sometimes wait on them to let go. My wife has now teased and humbled me into allowing them more freedom. As I was kissed on the ear and told that I was no good at foreplay, she told me her idea. She and her "friend" would leave the dance during intermission to just go to the car. "We'll just get some kisses in and maybe feel each other up a little. You don't mind do you, Earl?" What could I say? She's in charge of that sort of thing now, and I'm thinking that they will drive off and park somewhere. I really can't take care of her that well and maybe he will settle her down. She wants what he's got, and he's young enough to get all she's got.

— Earl, 45