Use Your Charisma

She was my employee and older than I but attractive. I found out early after hiring her that I could get her to work harder and do more for my business if I 'serviced' her regularly. But as the glow wore off and she became demanding of me being her boyfriend, I had to resort to Viagra and Cialis to get the job done. In the meantime, my wife, who is a bitch but a good lover, was having her affairs as well. My profession allows me many opportunities to have "meetings", and I have focused on extra part-time jobs far enough from home to give me even more freedom. I do it for the sex and the rush it gives me plus the challenge of seeing just how far these women will go to please me and do things for me while I don't have to do anything much in return. The petite gal at my office is always willing, and now that she has a male roommate, it looks even more like she already has a boyfriend, so the suspicion at home toward her is much less. It's been twelve years and counting with that one! Guys, get inventive, but never give gifts or say that "L" word. Just give them really good sex and some hints of what else you will do for or with them, but don't follow through. Be 'too busy' to call or follow through. They'll chase that carrot for years if you use your charisma!

— Frank, 44