Her Control

My mother-in-law came over my house two months ago, on a Friday. I am off on Fridays and my wife is not. Anyhow, my mother-in-law barged in and caught me trying on some of my wife's things. I was humiliated and had to beg her not to tell my wife. She made a deal with me and I agreed. She took me over her knee and paddled my bottom hard. Now, every Friday morning, I have to go to my mother-in-law's house, remove my shirt and my pants, so I am there in nothing but my wife's bra and panties. My mother-in-law then bends me over and gives me a serious paddling that about makes me cry. She tells me what a sissy I am and that I am only allowed to wear panties at her house. When she is satisfied with the paddling, she puts a pink night gown on me and makes me vacuum every room in her house. I then have to thank her for letting me be a girl at her home, thank her for the punishment, and thank her for letting me run her vacuum. I then have to kiss her boots and lick them clean. I again have to thank her as I put on my wife's tight girl jeans for my ride back home. This has been happening every Friday morning since she caught me; I don't know if my wife knows. I hope she doesn't.

— William, 35