Firearm Safety

I can still remember the time a buddy of mine tried to show me how to shoot a rifle. I told him I was probably not going to be very good, being a city boy. He assured me we were going to be shooting at a pretty out of the way range, so I shouldn't be worried. Well, my first round was in a word; terrible. Only one out of ten hit the target. My friend gave me some pointers and had me try again. The second round was a little better, three out of ten. My friend stood behind me to assist me in how I held the weapon (rifle). I have to admit, maybe I was looking for something to happen. I had caught him checking me out in the gym shower a couple of times. So, I was wearing a pair of loose low-cut jeans, commando style, and a t-shirt. Well, he stands behind me and reaches around me to grasp the rifle. I noticed he was pressing real tightly against me. I guess I started breathing a little heavy or I gave off some signal. He told me to let go of the rifle. He took it and laid it on the ground. He then stood behind me and ran his hands around my stomach. He whispered in my ear that he had wanted to do this for a long time. He then ran his hands down my stomach and slid his hands inside my jeans. I pulled my t-shirt up and off. Then my pants came off. The whole time I have my back to him. He then turned me around and held me close and we started kissing, at first very tentatively and then with more energy. We then had sex. We decided to pack it in (no pun intended) and get out of there. So, we started loading his SUV. I stayed naked. I didn't want any clothes on. So, we get everything in the SUV. I throw my clothes into the back seat and get in the shotgun seat. I lean back and he leans over and gives me oral. After we're done, we head for his house. His wife is out of town, so we don't have to worry about explaining this. We get to the house and he pulls into the garage. I get out, still naked, and we go into the house. I helped him strip as soon as we got inside, and we started making love in just about every room in the house. We ended up sleeping together that night, wrapped in each others' arms. When we woke up, we had wake-up sex, and I headed out. We have had sex a number of times. I still remember that time best, and I still can't shoot!

— Kennedy, 30