Panty-Wearing Journeys

I love wearing panties. They feel so good rubbing all up on my hard pole. I started wearing panties when I was about thirteen years old. I would steal my mom's panties. They felt great. I then had to get my fix, so I started to steal panties off clotheslines. Now, that was a rush. As I've gotten older, I've gotten braver on my panty-wearing journeys. I buy my own panties when I go to department stores. The best place I found to get panties is at Goodwill or Salvation Army. Just the thought of some girl getting off in the pair I just bought out of the second-hand bin gets my pole twitching. I wear panties everyday, and if I can lift a pair from a friend or stranger without being caught, believe me, I wouldn't hesitate a second. My wife doesn't mind my panty collection, but she does complain that I have too many pairs. I estimate that I have about fifteen hundred pairs so far. For all you guys out there that like to wear women's panties, more power to you. My motto to my wife is, "You buy them. I'll try them." Gotta love boy shorts. Now, they're hot.

— Cletus, 35