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Adult Theater Cross-Dressing
I have cross-dressed for years in private. Iím not actually passable, but Iíve always enjoyed being totally shaved. Panties, thigh-highs, and short dresses turn me on. We have an adult theater that has three theaters. I got the nerve to cross-dress and go there. I went to the gay theater and sat down about half way. Sitting there in a mini-dress, stocking, and heels, I felt a little uneasy. One middle-aged guy came down to see what I was doing. He was well dressed and did have a ring on his left hand. I couldn't cover myself, so what the hell? He stood there and looked at me as I was dressed. He dropped his pants. He stood in front of me and guided my head to him. Iím not sure what came over me, but I opened my mouth and began. I gave my first oral sex to completion. I go back once a week and have sex with men while dressed. -Evan, 34

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