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Nightie Find
The other day, I wandered into a retro store which had many different goodies. Amongst all this stuff, I found a rack of vintage nylon nighties and peignoirs of different sizes. I found a sexy pale blue nightie and peignoir which looked about my size and price. I decided to buy it and took it up to the lady. I said, "I really love these nighties; they feel so sexy with the chiffon layers." She said, "Yes, they’re great!" I replied, "MMmm yeah. I like to play around in them." She asked me, "How do you mean?" I said, "Well, you know. Like play … with myself." She said, "Oh, really?" I replied with a quick, "Yes." She said, "Hey that sounds fantastic. I hope that you have lots of sexy fun in this nightie and peignoir." I replied, "I'm sure I will." I then left feeling on top of my day after telling someone else (especially a female) face to face what I love to do. -Liam, 42

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