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Sometimes it's easier to understand world affairs than it is to understand your own love affairs. But before you resort to the loves-me, loves-me not flower petal game, take this short quiz to find out if your honey is ready pull the plug.
1. Which of the following statements best describes what happened the last few times you and your beau went out?
I talked a lot, but come to think of it, my sweetie seemed to be somewhere else.
We went to the movies.
We went out with a large group of people but sat next to each other.
We looked deeply and lovingly into each other's eyes.
We fought the whole time because he/she kept picking fights.

2. Who usually calls whom on the phone?

I call and usually get a return phone call in a few days.
I don't really pay attention.
We call each other equally.
We have a family plan with our cell phone company.
I've been doing all the calling.

3. Whom has your partner been talking a lot about lately?

Us and how we're really not seeing eye to eye.
Family and friends.
Me and how much we're in love.
Me and what a mess I am.

4. Have you noticed any changes in your partner's appearance?

He/she smells differently.
No, but I've noticed Reese Witherspoon has a new hair color.
When we go out, my honey dresses up.
No. We love each other as is.
He/she is dressing a lot nicer and in trendier clothes.

5. What was the basis of your last five fights with your honey?

What we want for the future.
The movies we want to rent.
We don't fight.
My "problems."

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