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Of course you should be your own best friend, and of course you must love yourself before anyone will love you--but do you take it too far?

1. How do you think most women see you?
As an average guy.
As a funny guy.
As a man of superior intellect and looks.
As the equivalent of Brad Pitt.
As a weakling.

2. Do you think youíre good-looking?

Iím all right.
I donít care about my looks as much as I care about my inner self.
Oh yeah, baby.
''Good-looking'' is an understatement.
No. Iím hideous.

3. If someone disagrees with your point of view, you:

Stop talking about it.
Drop it, not because youíre afraid to talk about it, but because you believe to each his own.
Discuss why he feels that way and why you differ.
Call him a total idiot and walk away without listening to him at all.
Admit youíre wrong and pretend you agree with him.

4. When you catch a woman looking at you, you:

Wonder if thereís something on your face.
Smile back.
Assume sheís checking out your hot body.
Walk over and grace her with your phone number.
Think sheís making fun of you.

5. If you have to wait more than 25 minutes for a date at a restaurant, you:

Assume she is standing you up, but accept her excuse later, even if itís lame.
Eat by yourself. You didnít come all that way for nothing.
Chat up some other babe at the bar.
Repeatedly call your dateís cell phone, leaving messages chastising her for wasting your precious time.
Go home and cry.

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