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Do you know when to let bygones be bygones? Do you forgive too easily? Or do you hold a grudge to the grave? Take this short quiz to find out if you're too harsh, or too forgiving, when someone wrongs you.

1. You find out that an ex lied to you about his or her reasons for breaking up. You:
Forget about it. It was your ex's loss anyway.
Stew about it for a few weeks.
Call your ex and give him or her an earful.
Send your ex a dozen red roses with a cryptic note.
Call your ex and plead for another date.

2. A waiter at a restaurant treated you rudely for no apparent reason. You:

Say that you did it once or twice.
Say that you never, ever did such a thing.
Say no, and add details about what you didn't steal--envelopes, paper clips, etc.
Say no, and add that you busted people who did.
Say yes. You did take a few things, and feel awful about it.

3. A co-worker made a joke at your expense in front of others. You:

Ignore him.
Yell at him.
Write the manager a letter demanding he fire the waiter.
Key his car.
Apologize to him.

4. You run into someone who bullied you in grade school. He or she is extremely nice to you, and asks how you are. You:

Answer politely.
Roll your eyes and walk away.
Say you've been in therapy for years because of him or her.
Sock the former bully in the face.
Roll up your sleeves and allow the former bully to give you an 'Indian' burn.

5. You run into a former boss who laid you off due to cutbacks. You:

Converse politely.
Ask your boss if he or she has been laid off yet.
Tell your boss you hated the job anyway.
Publicly humiliate your boss the way he or she humiliated you.
Offer to work for free.

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