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Take this one minute quiz to see if you lose your cool too quickly. And don't yell about having to take it!
1. Someone accidentally steps on your foot (really hard!) and apologizes. You...
Give him a mean look.
Say, 'Watch it' and look away.
Swear and step on his foot.
Say, 'That's ok' and smile.

2. Your taxi gets stuck in traffic. You...

Admire the scenery or read a book.
Roll your eyes in the back seat.
Demand to know why there's so much traffic.
Yell at the driver for not having taken a better route.
Chat with the driver.

3. A coworker makes a mistake, and fesses up to you apologetically. You...

Say, 'It happens,' and tell them to right the wrong ASAP.
Tell the coworker not to worry. You should have done it yourself to get it done right.
Tell the coworker she's incompetent.
Yell and slam your fist on the desk.
Pat her shoulder and fix the problem yourself.

4. A saleslady seems to snub you. You...

Put down the items you were considering and leaving.
Calmly ask her what the hell her problem is.
Chew her out, and then call the manager.
Swear at her and try to convince everyone around to leave the store.
Just ignore her, and buy what I was planning on purchasing.

5. You go to a restaurant. Your waiter takes your order. A half hour later, he admits he forgot to give it to the chef. You...

Begrudgingly say, 'ok,' and leave him the same amount of tip.
Stiff him when it's time to pay the bill, unless they gave you something substantial for free.
Demand a free appetizer, beverage and dessert.
Storm out in a huff, yelling all the way.
Tell him not to worry, and leave him an extra tip for honesty.

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