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1. You're at a party with your honey. Across the room, you notice your sweetie is enthralled in a conversation with a person who is cuter, smarter and richer than you. How do you react?
I stroll over and give my boo a kiss on the cheek.
I steam silently, and then yell at my 'honey' on the way home.
I rip my honey away and storm out.
I stomp over and demand to know just what the heck is going on.
Who cares? I know my sweetie loves me.

2. Your sweetie is giggling on the phone. When you walk in the room, the call ends suddenly. You...

Ask nicely, 'Who was that?'
Demand to know who it was, and then interrogate to make sure the truth is being told.
Dial *69 and see who answers.
Dial *69 and threaten to hurt whomever answers.
Continue doing what you were doing.

3. Your honey must stay late at work. But when you call the office, no one answers. You...

Inquire about the matter later.
Go over and see if your lover is really there.
Look through your sweetie's pockets when they return home for any incriminating receipts.
Spy on your lover the next time 'work calls.'
Assume everyone was in the bathroom when you called.

4. How do you feel about your lover having friends of the opposite sex?

I like to be around whenever they go out. Just in case.
I don't mind. Only because they're gay.
It drives me crazy whenever they're together.
No lover of mine has friends of the opposite sex.
This is the year 2003. Who cares?

5. You find out that your one and only lied to you about his/her whereabouts the previous evening. You...

Ask what the discrepancy is all about.
Demand to know the truth.
Read all emails and listen to all cell phone messages.
Hire a private investigator.
You just assume your husband was planning a surprise party for you, and don't say anything.

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