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In order for a lover to brag to friends about your romantic romps, your kissing skills must be an A+. Take this quiz to find out if you have mastered the art of kissing or if you need a refresher course.

1. After a kiss, how does your lover usually react?
By patting my head.
By wiping off his/her lips.
Smiling sweetly at me.
Getting undressed and ready for more.
Usually my lover turns away before I can make contact.

2. What type of kiss do you usually use?

The peck.
The French kiss.
The mouth-to-mouth kiss.
I switch between varieties of kisses, in a variety of spots.
There's more than one type?

3. What's your ideal kissing environment?

A romantic location, like a park.
Anywhere, as long as I have enough space.
When I'm in the mood, and my date is in the mood.
There is a kiss for every moment, and every place.
In private, in the dark.

4. How confident are you about your kissing skills?

I'm insecure, but keep it to myself.
I think I'm ok.
I don't think about how I kiss. I just do it.
Move over, Don Juan. I'm better.
I'm very insecure and ask my lover about my talent.

5. How do you feel about kissing in public?

I think it's lame.
I shout out 'get a room' whenever I see people kissing in public.
It's great, in moderation.
Lovers cannot and should not control their impulses.
I'm too shy.

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