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Do you think you've got what all the ladies are looking for? Can you make them fall to their knees and worship you? Take this test and find out!

1. What would a girl experience on a date with you?
We'd spend a day on my yacht; then, perhaps, we'd fly to this wonderful little seafood restaurant in Newfoundland for dinner.
I would take her to a movie, and then we would go back to my place and make out.
I would wine, dine, and--well, you know the rest.
She'd get a magnificent tour of my bedroom.
My mom, dad, and I would take her bowling, then go back to the house for some of my mom's famous spaghetti.

2. How long do you wait until you have sexual relations with a new significant other?

Well, I once kissed a girl in fifth grade! Hee-hee-hee!
I wait until we are both in love with each other, like a gentleman should.
Not until she makes the first move, then it is on!
Um, if she doesn?t show me some business on the first date, I'm outta there!
Jeez, are you crazy? I don't think that should be done until you are married.

3. What pickup line would you use?

Hey, baby. Wanna dance?
Are you busy tonight around 3 a.m.?
Hey, girl, are you wearin' a spacesuit? Because that body is out of this world!
Screw me if I'm wrong, but is your name Bob?
Hello, my name is Robert. How are you on this wonderful night?

4. How many women have you slept with?

I have only slept with one girl, and she was very drunk.
A gentleman never tells!
Well, I've slept with four, but I am looking for number five.
Um, you lose count after awhile, you know?
Zero. My motto is, ''Sex can wait, just masturbate!''

5. What types of ''gentleman'' skills do you possess?

I always open doors for my princess.
If I am in a good mood, I'll foot the bill.
Come on, this is 2002--Girls can help pay, and open their own doors!
Gentleman skills? Please, are you for real? That girl should consider herself privileged to be seen with me!
Hey, I watch all the '50s movies; I know how to treat a dame.

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