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Would you rather sleep in the sack than do anything else? Take this quiz to find out if your low sex drive is due to stress, your lack of enthusiasm for your partner, or a health problem.
1. What is the extent of your knowledge about sexual positions?
I think I know most of them, but I haven't actually researched it.
I know a lot, but we only use about two. I fantasize about doing the rest.
Who even cares anymore?
I know so many, but I can't physically make my body cooperate.
Whenever I can't remember one, I consult the Kama Sutra in my nightstand.

2. How do you feel about oral sex?

I like to be on the receiving end.
I'm just sick of doing it.
I don't feel up to it.
It's the only way I can pleasure my partner anymore.
I can't get enough of getting it, or giving it.

3. What about orgasms?

I sure have one.
I usually have one.
It feels good, but I don't know about an 'orgasm.'
I can't have one.
I have one, and I make sure my partner does too.

4. Do sexy strangers or celebrities turn you on?

Of course.
'Turned on' is too strong of a word.
Not really.
Yes. But I love my partner more.
All the time.

5. Do you constantly think about the things in your life that you don't like?

Occasionally, but I try to leave the office at the office.
I worry about my love life too much.
All the time.
Not really.
Not when I'm having sex.

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