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Some people attract weirdos. Others attract studs. Do you attract geeks or bimbos?
1. If you're sitting alone at a bar and a woman approaches you, what is she most likely to say?
Buy me a drink--I'm outta money.
Can I take your order?
My name is______.
Hello, handsome.
Do you like "Star Trek"?

2. What color hair did your last girlfriend have?

Bleached blond.
Brown with highlights.
Jet black.
Mousy brown.

3. What occupation did the last woman who approached you have?

Former porn star.
No job. She was a rich divorcee.
Comic-book store clerk.

4. What subject do you find yourself talking a lot about with women?

The menu
The economy.
Money. Her money, that is.
Whatever she wants. I don't talk much.

5. What facial flaw do most women who approach you have?

Booze spillage.
Ink stains from a pen.
Too much makeup.
Too much Botox.
Thick, ugly glasses.

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