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Some people think there's nothing crueler than war. But maybe they've just been lucky on the dating field. Some men and women relish playing mind games akin to Chinese water torture with their lovers. Is the person you're holding hands with one of them?
1. Does your lover still hang out with his/her exes?
I suspect so.
He/she still talks with one, and I'm OK with it.
No way! That's grounds for a breakup.
Not that I know of, but they talk on the phone all the time. Sometimes right in front of me.

2. Let's say you had to cancel plans with your honey. What would his/her response be?

I'd get a stern talking to.
He or she would ask why and then forget about it.
100 percent understanding.
He or she would stop returning my calls for a week just to make me sweat it out.

3. During your last argument about something that, in your opinion, wasn't a big deal, what's the closest statement to something your partner said?

"I've never had these problems with anyone else I was with."
"We shouldn't be fighting about this."
"Why do you always make such a big deal about everything?"
"This is just like that time when (insert an occasion when you did something wrong)."

4. What does your lover want to know about your previous sex life?

If I would ever call any of my exes again.
If I was safe, and any funny stories.
The real question is: What should I know about my partner's sex life?
If I enjoyed it more with other people.

5. How do you usually feel at the end of arguments with your sweetie?

That I'm mostly to blame.
That we have problems we need to work out.
That I'm always right.
That I was wrong.

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