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No ring on your finger yet? Maybe you were meant to be a lifelong bachelor like Hugh Hefner. Stop flipping through your little black book long enough to see if you should walk down the aisle.
1. Do you think you could be sexually monogamous to one woman?
Yes, I think so.
Probably, unless I go to Las Vegas. What happens there stays there.
I'd try, but women are just too beautiful.
No, and I'm not ashamed of it.
Yes. It's my dream to treat one woman like a queen.

2. Would you let go of your Playboy collection if the love of your life asked you to?

I'd hide them very well.
Not unless she gives up her shoe collection.
No way.
I'd only consider marrying a woman who has appeared in Playboy.
I don't have even one Playboy, or anything else of that ilk.

3. Would you make her sign a prenup?

Well, if she offered.
Yes. These days you can't be too sure.
Hell, yeah! And a pet custody agreement
No way! What's mine is hers.

4. If her mother became gravely ill, what would you suggest?

That my wife quit her job to sit by her side.
That we hire a nurse for her mother.
That we call an ambulance.
That we send her some flowers.
That she live with us.

5. If your wife lost her looks, how would you react?

I'd deal with it privately, but tell her she's beautiful.
I'd be seriously bummed out.
That's what the second bedroom is for.
That's what divorce is for.
Beauty is only skin deep: I'd love her just the same.

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