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77% of Men Want THIS in a Girlfriend

In this day of  "friends with benefits" and the easy hook-up, women may be shocked to learn that fully 77 percent of men seek out girlfriends who have potential as a wife.

That's the word from the Great Male Survey conducted by, which attempted to reveal through the answers to 150 pointedly-asked questions some of the deepest secrets of men--from lifestyle to sexuality.

The results of the Great Male Survey challenge most modern conceptions of men, who are often portrayed in the media as being immature, insensitive and afraid of commitment. Instead, it's just the opposite! Modern man is driven by a sense of values, loyalty and family.

Some interesting findings. Does this sound like the men you know?

  • 77 percent of men look for girlfriends with "wife potential."
  • 69 percent of men would never cheat on their partner.
  • 61 percent of men feel that the depiction of the male gender in commercials is not accurate.
  • 60 percent of men are nostalgic for the days when a handshake in business meant something.
  • 57 percent of men cook at home and enjoy doing it.
  • 56 percent of men say that being a good father or husband makes a man "manly."
Meanwhile, partnered with Shine to ask their female readers questions that would define the modern woman. They found that today's woman is bold--bolder than most men.
  • 20 percent of women admitted to having had more than 15 sex partners, while only 17 percent of the male respondents said they have had more than 15 partners.
  • 34 percent of female respondents said they would not change a thing about their lovers, while only 17 percent of men said the same. Additionally, 23 percent of female respondents are completely satisfied with their sex lives, versus only 14 percent of males.
  • Only 17 percent of the female respondents have lied to a partner about their sexual experiences, while 31 percent of men say they have lied.
  • More women share sex fantasies with their partners than men do.
--From the Editors at Netscape
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