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Have you met your soul mate, or are you mismatched?
1. In all honesty, which activity do you most enjoy doing with your partner?
Having sex
Watching TV
Staring into each other's eyes

2. When you tell your friends about your new love, which do you usually mention first?

How great the sex is
That we like all the same shows
How in love we are
How smart he/she is
What a blast we have going out

3. Have you ever talked about the future?

Not really.
There's a movie we're going to see when it opens.
In vague terms.
Yes. We both want the same things.
Yeah, there's a great concert we want to go to in a few weeks.

4. Have you ever been sick in front of your partner? Or has he/she ever been ill around you?

No. That's not a very sexy thought.
I've passed Kleenex across the coffee table.
Yes, I brought over soup.
Yes, and I enjoyed the process of caretaking.
Just outside of a bar.

5. What do you friends think of your sweetie?

They're jealous of the sex.
That we're a decent couple.
They haven't said.
That we're perfect for each other.
That my honey can totally kick it.

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