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How much time spent thinking about sex is too much time? Take this one-minute quiz to find out just how obsessed you are.
1. How do you react when you see a hot woman?
I think, 'What a babe,' and then move on.
I imagine her without clothes on.
I indulge in an elaborate sexual fantasy about her.
I ask her if she wants to have a quickie.
Look down and pray to God to give me the strength to not be tempted by her.

2. When you're in a meeting at work, what do you think about?

Usually whatever we're discussing, but sometimes my mind wanders to other things.
The bra sizes of all the women at the table.
I imagine having sex with the hottest woman there on top of the conference table.
Who spits and who swallows.
The topic at hand.

3. You're involved in a relationship with a woman. She isn't ready to have sex yet. How do you respond?

I accept her answer and wait patiently.
Inquire as to what the hell the problem is.
Tell her I can't wait any longer and dump her.
I only have sexual relationships with women I pay.
Thank her.

4. What do you consider a normal sex life, either alone or with others?

Whatever works for the people involved is normal.
Two or three times per week.
Every day.
Several times per day.
What married people do in the name of procreation.

5. Do thoughts of sex, or sex itself, interfere with your relationships, either personal or professional?

No. Sex is fun and a healthy part of my life.
Sometimes my fantasies distract me from work, or thinking about sex makes me feel guilty.
My sexual needs have raised issues in some of my relationships.
Sex has wrecked many of my relationships.
Only because I try so hard not to think about it.

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