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You like to think you're unique. But women know your type from a mile away. Find out what they know about you within 10 minutes.
1. When you meet a woman at a bar, what are you inclined to talk to her about?
How much my dad hated me.
Her hopes and dreams.
My hopes and dreams.
If she wants a shot of tequila or not.
Me and my cool car.

2. What type of clothing does your wardrobe consist of?

Clothes from the thrift store.
Shirts that unbutton all the way down so I can show off my hairy chest.
The latest clothes from The Gap.

3. You meet a great woman you really click with. What do you want from her?

One night of pure passion.
A deep relationship--even if that doesn't involve sex.
An open relationship.
A couple of minutes in the bathroom stall.
A few rolls in the hay.

4. What type of woman are you attracted to?

Conservative ones who will get wild.
Ones who want a deep relationship--even if that doesn't involve sex.
Natural beauties.
Large-breasted women.
Drunk ones who are good-looking.

5. Where do you prefer to have sex?

The back of my car.
In a deep relationship--even if that doesn't involve sex.
On a blank canvas.
Her place. I don't want her to know where I live.
My place--it rocks.

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