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When do you draw the line between a guy with a healthy interest in sex and a pervert?
1. You're eating lunch with a friend. A woman with massive breast implants walks in. You...
look at her but don't say anything.
point her out to your friend and make a crass joke.
walk up to her for a better look.
continue eating.

2. What do you think about strippers?

To each her own.
I like going to strip clubs.
I would like to date strippers.
I've only dated strippers.
I think they should find a new line of work.

3. What do you first notice about women?

Their bodies.
Their legs.
Their butts.
Their breasts.
Their eyes.

4. If you take a girl out to dinner, what do you expect from her?

Nothing, but I wouldn't mind a little something.
A kiss at the end of the night.
Heavy petting.
I expect my just desserts!
Pleasant conversation.

5. What are your favorite kinds of movies?

Dramas with a little nudity.
Mysteries with femme fatales.
Action movies with hot chicks.
Pornos, obviously.
Love stories.

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