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When you talk with the ladies, do they think you’re a Don Juan or a loser?
1. Which statement most resembles your opening line?
Hey, sweetie. Let me buy you a drink.
Apart from being sexy, what do you do for a living?
Hello. My name is _____.
Jessica, is that you?
I like serial-killer art.

2. How do you usually get a woman's phone number?

I steal her cell phone from her purse and write down her number.
I get it the next morning.
I give her mine.
I ask for it.
I follow her home and then call information.

3. Where do you like to meet women?

At a club.
At a bar.
At work.
At the supermarket.
In my therapist's office.

4. If you spot a woman from a distance, and she's sitting with her girlfriend, how do you handle it?

I tell the friend to get lost.
I get my friend to talk to the friend.
I talk to both of them.
I wait until the girlfriend goes to the bathroom.
I ogle them both from a distance.

5. When a woman tells you she's not interested, how do you react?

I walk away and let her know it's her loss.
I give her my number anyway--she'll change her mind.
I apologize and leave.
I give her my number in case she changes her mind.
I cry in the bathroom.

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