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Do you have more in common with Paris Hilton than you'd like to believe? Take this quiz to find out if you're simply a person with high standards or a brat.
1. Who or what is Louis Vuitton?
An overpriced fashion designer.
A designer who makes clothes I hate because I can't afford them.
Only my favorite designer.
Who doesn't know the answer to this? By the way, Louis Vuitton is sooo last year.
A French prince.

2. When someone expresses an opinion you don't agree with, you...

Let the person speak his mind, but then express your opinion.
I don't bother debating with dummies.
Tsk, then walk away.
Belittle his education and upbringing, then storm off.
Just listen. Free speech is alive and well after all.

3. Someone you are eating dinner with in public is wearing a really ugly outfit. You ...

Who cares? The conversation is what matters.
Laugh to myself about it.
Roll my eyes at other people at the table.
Sit two seats away.
Don't notice.

4. Are you smarter than most people?

Yes, but only because I was fortunate enough to go to college.
Of course. Have you seen TV lately?
Yes. That's why I always correct people's grammar.
Yes, but only because I'm rich.
No way. We are all intelligent in one way or another.

5. Do you ever have conversations, not just quick hellos, with doormen you see regularly?

Yes, but usually just about the weather.
I say hello. There's no need to say more.
No way. It's not necessary.
And be caught seen talking to a doorman? No way.
Yes, I also always know the men in the mailroom in my office.

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