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Sure, you might have been called a ''Stud'' before but did they really mean it or were they being sarcastic? Take this test to find out if you're a stud or a dud.

1. What's your reputation?
As far as I know, nobody thinks a thing about me. Or do they?
They probably think I'm a man of few words, because I'm a mime.
People think I'm a zero, but I'm actually a hero.
Well, if I must admit it chicks dig me. What arrogance?
People think I'm kind of a nerd. I say to them: "beam me up, Scotty!"

2. Who's your primary role model?

I wanna be just like Bill Gates. His glasses are cool.
Dear old dad, because I'm a chip off the old block.
EEEEEHHHH! The Fonz...
Me, myself, and I.
Mr. Rogers...won't you be my neighbor?

3. Just how many women have you had sexual relationships with?

I feel like I have deep connections with all sorts of "online" ladies.
Ah, the halcyon, promiscuous days of youth...whatever the hell that means.
I scope out dudes/chicks while holding up a book by Nietsche.
Let's just say my friends call me "SHAFT." Right on...
I'm still single. Isn't pre-marital sex forbidden?

4. What's your favorite activity after "the deed"?

Naked karaoke. Yeah, sometimes it's ugly.
I order a pizza and some beer.
I usually call my wife.
I sit in bed, fire up a smoke and just think, "Whoa, dude!"
Hosing down the area with disinfectant.

5. How do you "measure up"?

Thank the stars that, with a little care, some things grow like a weed.
None of you business, dammit. Where's my ruler?
My girlfriend issues no least not to me.
I've got more package than Fed Ex.
Can you say "tinky winky"?

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