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Why don't members of the opposite sex think you're fun? Maybe it's because you never open your wallet. Which side of the line do you fall on--frugal or just plain cheap?
1. You're at dinner with three friends. How do you split the bill?
Offer to pay for half, then have them split the rest.
Divide it by four.
I bought last time. It's their turn to pay.
Leave before the bill comes, feigning illness.
What are friends and credit cards for? I'd pay the whole bill.

2. Your date wants to go to a fancy new restaurant. You think it's too expensive. How do you handle the difference of opinion?

Go for lunch, when it will be a little less expensive.
Tell my date I want to try this other new restaurant.
Tell my date it's way too expensive.
Tell my date to pay if it's that important.
Go anyway.

3. You go to a fancy bar. What do you order to drink?

A bottle of wine for my table.
Whatever cocktail I want.
Whatever the special is.
A Coke.
I buy the whole bar a round of shots.

4. If you were to go shopping for your wedding dress or suit, what would be the most important factor?

If it looks expensive.
If I feel comfortable in it.
The price.
Wedding? That costs too much money. Vegas, baby.
What people will think of it.

5. How does money affect your love life?

I want us to have a comfortable life.
I want us to have a secure future.
He or she should save a good portion of every paycheck.
He or she should have a large savings account.
I like to buy everything for the person I love.

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