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Boxers, tighty whities or women's thongs! What kind of underwear are you most like?
1. It's a boiling hot day. You're going to a barbecue at a friend's house. What are you most likely to wear?
A tank top and shorts.
A button-down shirt and shorts.
I'd unbutton my shirt down to the stomach.
A skirt.
I'd go topless and wear shorts.

2. When you want to look your best, what do you wear?

Something casual.
A suit.
A silver shirt.
Whatever the Fab Five recommends.
I always look my best, baby.

3. If someone insults you, how do you react?

I insult them back.
I logically explain why they are wrong.
I seek revenge.
I gasp, 'Well I never' then storm off.
I let it roll off my back.

4. Which best describes your line of work?

The Sleaze industry.
As little as possible.

5. Which best describes the type of person you like to date?

Cool women.
Professional women.
Women at bars.
Women with sexy lingerie.
Carefree women.

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