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Too skinny? Too fat? A bad body image can be an added weight on your sex life.
1. Sometimes you don't want to turn the lights on during sex. What makes you feel this way?
I don't want my lover to see my thighs.
Sometimes it's more romantic with the lights off.
It helps me fantasize.
I don't want my lover to see my rolls of fat.
I don't want my lover to see my body.

2. What do your friends and family say about your weight?

They don't say anything, which makes me think I'm fat.
Nothing I can think of. Who cares?
I could lose a few pounds.
I need to lose more than 50 pounds.
That I'm too skinny.

3. Does your weight affect what positions you'll try?

My lack of flexibility does.
Nothing I can think of. Who cares?
I just don't want to see myself in any mirrors.
I can't be on top.
Yes, a protruding bone may jab my lover.

4. What does your lover think of your body?

He/she doesn't say anything about it.
My lover adores my body.
That I'm voluptuous/sturdy.
That I'm not healthy.
That it's too bony.

5. Do you feel unattractive?

Kind of.
I'm beautiful.
I could lose a few.
Yes, but it's a glandular problem.
Yes, I'm fat.

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