10 Fun Words You Should Use More Often

The vocabulary you use says something significant about who you are.

It can impress. It can shock. It can influence. It can astonish. It can delight--especially if you use any of these 10 words.

Ten fun and delightful words, as identified by Grammarly.com:

1. Scrumptious
It means delicious or delectable. Bob Ryan, a former Washington, D.C. television meteorologist, often used it to describe a particularly beautiful day, although it is more likely to be used to describe a dessert.

2. Swell
As is typical--and potentially confusing--of many English words, "swell" has several meanings. When used as an intransitive verb it means to become bigger or engorged, as in: "Maggie's finger began to swell after she was stung by a bee." When used as a transitive verb, it means to puff up or inflate, as in: "All those compliments will only swell his ego." Finally, as an adjective, it brings back memories of the '50s: "That was a swell party!"

3. Absurd
Use it when something is contrary to reason, nonsensical or ridiculous. "It was absurd to think the dog could count to 10."

4. Hullabaloo
When there is a big commotion or fuss, it's a hullabaloo--just like the crowds at a circus.

5. Audacity
You can just hear your great aunt indignantly berate the teenager next door for his audacity at hosting a loud and raucous party when his parents were away. "Audacity" means insolent boldness or fearlessness, as well as intrepid daring.

6. Resplendent
Meaning attractive and impressive by being richly colorful or sumptuous, "resplendent" can be appropriately used to describe how a woman looks in her finest dress. And a man will get kudos for using the word!

7. Skedaddle
It means to depart quickly or hurriedly, as in: "The harried mother told the children to skedaddle outside."

8. Gumption
It means shrewd or having a spirited initiative or resourcefulness, as in: "The old man had a lot of gumption for running a half-marathon."

9. Balderdash
Meaning senseless talk or writing, as well as sheer nonsense, we can think of no better example than this to show its use: "Most of what we hear from the politicians lately is utter balderdash."

10. Lullaby
It means a quiet, gentle song sung to help a child sleep. Just saying the word over and over can induce sleepiness.

--From the Editors at Netscape

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