THIS Is What Makes Us Happy at Work

If you want to be so happy you whistle at work--either literally or figuratively--you need to find a job that offers meaningful work where you believe your contributions are adding to the company's big goals.

"That can be the most powerful force to keeping people happy," says Dr. Jonathon Halbesleben, an associate professor of organizational behavior at the University of Alabama.

While a competitive salary and benefits package is essential, this is not what ultimately makes us happy at work or even motivates us enough to stay in a particular job position.

Here are the four keys to creating a happy workplace, according to Halbesleben:

  • Meaningful work that contributes to the company's goals
  • Coworkers who enjoy working together
  • Real opportunities for growth
  • Time away from work

One way to achieve a happy workplace is through "job crafting." This is a radical idea--at least from the boss's point of view--where employees write their own job description based on what they're interested in with specific tasks that suit their skills and make them happy.

Halbesleben, who has devoted his career to researching what makes employees happy and productive, says that often the hardest part for companies is giving up control. "Standardization has just been ingrained in everything that has been produced in America for so long," says Halbesleben.

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