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Reuters now offers embeddable interactive graphics as part of your existing graphics service. The graphics are available in the GRAPHICS channel of Media Express:

SOCCER-ENGLAND/RIGHTS - Bar charts showing worth and length of TV deals for 5 main European soccer leagues EPS: INTERACTIVE: No

OLYMPICS-2018/MEDALS - Update. Olympic Games medals table for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games. EPS VERSION: INTERACTIVE:

RUSSIA-AIRPLANE/ - Update. Map locating plane crash near Moscow. Adds altitude data. EPS VERSION: INTERACTIVE: No

NORWAY-SWF/ - Update. Largest sovereign wealth funds by assets under management INTERACTIVE:

HONGKONG-ECONOMY/RETAIL/ - Charts showing Hong Kong’s retail sales, tourist arrivals, GDP and Hang Seng index in the past five years. EPS:

EUROPE-ATTACKS/SWEDEN-TRIAL - Republished map of Stockholm truck attack in 2017 EPS: INTERACTIVE: None

JAPAN-ECONOMY/BOJ -Update. Chart showing Japan’s economy inflation and deflation history and the BOJ governors for the past decades. EPS:

SINGAPORE-ECONOMY/BUDGET -Reissue. Charting standard VAT/GST in selected countries in 2018. EPS:

GLOBAL-MARKETS/ - The week ending February 9 was the worst week in two years for global stock markets. INTERACTIVE: EPS: (Reuters News Graphics Service)

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