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Is It Forgetfulness or Alzheimer's?
How can you tell if your loved one is suffering from Alzheimer's disease or is simply forgetful? Dr. Gregory Jicha of the University of Kentucky Sanders-Brown Center on Aging says to look for these seven early signs of dementia or Alzheimer's, which are different than the simple forgetfulness that is common as we age.

Quiz: Do you recognize these people? It's called the Famous Face Test. Find out how the results could be a sign of dementia.

Seven early signs of dementia:
1. It's normal for her to forget a date or a name and then suddenly remember it later. What is not normal is when she repeatedly asks for the same information or struggles to recall important dates, such as her own birthday.

2. Is he having trouble following a recipe? Problem-solving skills deteriorate in someone with Alzheimer's.

3. Does she get lost when driving to a familiar location? If she has difficulty completing familiar tasks, it could be a symptom Alzheimer's.

4. Healthy people occasionally struggle to find the right word, but using the wrong word, particularly if he calls something by the wrong name, merits further scrutiny.

5. Poor judgment: Is she giving lots of money to telemarketers or charities?

6. Poor hygiene.

7. Personality changes: Is he suddenly irrational, fearful or suspicious?

If you see any behavior that worries you, talk to your doctor or a neurologist for a thorough evaluation.

Follow the MIND diet and you can cut your risk for Alzheimer's by 53 percent!

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