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Leather (No Lace). And a Busty Display!
British TV star Chloe Sims made sure all eyes were on her when she walked the red carpet at the 2017 TRIC Awards in London on Tuesday evening. She wore a tight-fitting, low-cut black leather dress that showcased her considerable bosom, all of which was enhanced by a pink, green and black furry stole she slung over her shoulder.

Oh so sexy! Chloe Sims puts on a busty display in this black leather dress that showcases her cleavage

Chloe is one of the stars of Britain's hit TV show "The Only Way Is Essex" or TOWIE for short, which is billed as: "Against the backdrop of bars, cars and designer gear a real soap unfolds about a group from Essex."

The show has been described as Britain's answer to "The Hills" and "Jersey Shore."

British reality TV star Chloe Sims is wearing a daring, eye-popping red gown that barely--just barely--covers her breasts. She is "this close" to being topless!

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