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Stressed? Sad? The Top 10 Comfort Foods

Whether you're stressed or depressed, there is nothing quite like your favorite comfort food to make you feel better.

So what is that go-to dish most of us prefer? Pizza.

That's the word from The Harris Poll, which surveyed 2,252 U.S. adults to find out their favorite comfort food.

The top 10 favorite comfort foods:
1. Pizza
2. Chocolate
3. Ice cream
4. Macaroni and cheese
5. Chips
6. Hamburgers
7. Steak
8. Popcorn
9. Pasta
10. Mexican food

Fun facts to know and tell:

  • When do we turn to comfort foods? Forty-five percent say when they are stressed, 43 percent say after a bad day and 33 percent say when they are depressed.

  • We also turn to comfort food when we're happy. Thirty-eight percent seek out comfort food after a really good day, and 37 percent eat it on their birthday.

  • Fifty-three percent admit they eat more when they are stressed.

  • Sixty-seven percent say they use their favorite comfort food as a pick-me-up.

  • Sixty-six percent say they feel no guilt after indulging in their favorite comfort food.

  • Pizza is the No. 1 comfort food for all ages except those 70 and older, who prefer ice cream.

  • Pizza is the No. 1 comfort food for both men and women. Coming in second and third for women are chocolate and ice cream, while men choose ice cream and chips in second and third place.

  • When we're sick, our favorite food is soup, followed by ice cream, toast and pizza.

  • When it comes to celebrating a special occasion, our favorite foods are steak, cake, pizza and lobster.

--From the Editors at Netscape

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