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Lady Gaga's Revenge: Underboob Exposed
Lady Gaga knows only one way to dress, and it can be described in one word: outrageous. OK, maybe two words: shocking. She did both that the 59th GRAMMY Awards at the Staples Center on Sunday night wearing a risqué cut-out top that showed almost all her bosom, black hot pants and thigh-high black boots. Quite a few publications--from the London tabloid The Sun to the upscale Harper's Bazaar--dubbed the visual effect "underboob." It was so revealing it was as if she had no top on at all!

Lady Gaga is wearing a risqué cut-out top that shows off almost all her bosom--but in a different way. It's "underboob" and not cleavage that is exposed. It was so revealing it was as if she had no top on at all!

And just as many publications speculated that the super-sexy, super-revealing outfit Gaga wore to the GRAMMYS was done quite on purpose. The lady was making a statement about the body-shaming she endured after the Super Bowl. Some opined then that she didn't look toned enough.

Lady Gaga is having none of that! With wads of double-sided tape, she showed who's boss.

Lady Gaga is strolling through the streets of London wearing a totally see-through black fishnet dress. Black granny panties and silver metallic pasties preserve what is left of her modesty, which isn't much. NSFW!

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