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The 15 Best Cities for Beer Lovers
"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy," quipped Benjamin Franklin. If you want to raise a cold one to that, you might want to take a road trip. Redfin.com and the Beer Institute did the hard work and found the 15 best U.S. cities for beer.

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While the old guard of beer cities is well represented on this list--Milwaukee, home of Miller; St. Louis, home of Budweiser; and Denver, home of Coors--it was Pittsburgh that came in No. 1.

"Pittsburgh has always been what I'd call 'a beer and a shot town,' with our blue collar roots," explained Keith Jimenez, Pittsburgh Redfin real estate agent. "Back in the day, all the steel workers would meet at the bar for an Iron City beer and a shot of whiskey. Today, those roots are alive and well. You'll still find Iron City in most bars, but we're also seeing a boom in craft brewing. There are lots of microbreweries, particularly in the Southside."

The cities were ranked based on the attributes beer lovers need to thrive. This includes the number of breweries in the state per 100,000 adults age 21+, the number of active brewery permits in the state, state beer taxes (the lower the better), the median home sale price and something called the "walk score" so beer lovers can imbibe without drinking and driving.

The top 15 best cities for beer:
1. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
2. Buffalo, New York
3. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
4. Grand Rapids, Michigan
5. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
6. Portland, Oregon
7. Denver, Colorado
8. Detroit, Michigan
9. Cleveland, Ohio
10. St. Louis, Missouri
11. Madison, Wisconsin
12. Long Island, New York
13. Seattle, Washington
14. Cincinnati, Ohio
15. San Francisco, California

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