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America's Favorite Grocery Store Is...
...Wegmans. And Publix. The two tied in an online survey conducted by Market Force of 12,700 people that ranked 23 grocery stores based on a customer loyalty index.

Wegmans, which is based in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, and Publix, which is based in the South, each scored a 77 percent rating. Walmart came in last with a 31 percent rating.

This is the second consecutive year that Wegmans has held the top spot in the annual study, after unseating long-running favorite Trader Joe's in 2016.

When the grocery stores were ranked by attributes, Publix topped the list for fast checkout, availability of items, ease of finding items and store cleanliness categories. Wegmans was No. 1 for specialty department service category and second for availability of items and ease of finding items.

The next time you buy groceries, talk to the cashier. You won't believe the psychological effect that talking to a stranger will have on you.

America's grocery stores ranked by customer loyalty:
1. Publix and Wegmans (tie)
3. Trader Joe's
4. H-E-B
5. Aldi
6. Harris Teeter
7. Hy-Vee Food Stores
8. Costco
9. WinCo Foods
10. Whole Foods
11. Fry's
12. Kroger
13. Target
14. Winn-Dixie Stores
15. ShopRite
16. Food Lion
17. Albertsons
18. Meijer
19. Sam's Club
20. Giant Food Stores
21. Safeway
22. Stop & Shop
23. Wal-Mart

Look in your grocery cart. Fully 60 percent of the calories come from one type of food. Stop buying this, and you might lose weight.

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