Michigan AD shoots down Harbaugh speculation

The latest scuttlebutt about Jim Harbaugh leaving Michigan for an NFL head coaching job was shot down by athletic director Warde Manuel.

Manuel also mentioned that it was an Ohio State product who started the latest speculation involving Harbaugh.

Former Buckeyes receiver and Pro Football Hall of Fame member Cris Carter said he has sources who are telling him that Harbaugh is looking to leave Michigan. Carter specifically mentioned the Green Bay Packers and Cleveland Browns as potential landing spots for Harbaugh on the Fox Sports 1 show "First Things First" on Wednesday.

"I've got good sources that are telling me, not only for Green Bay, but watch out for the Cleveland Browns," Carter said on the program. "He likes the quarterback situations there, and I believe there is front-office people in Green Bay who are enamored with Jim Harbaugh and potentially trying to get him to come to Green Bay."

Manuel scoffed at Carter's comments during a radio interview on WTKA-AM in Ann Arbor while reminding listeners that Carter attended the school's biggest rival.

"I would say consider the source of the comment," Manuel said. "Cris is very accomplished in his life, but he went to the school down south. (People) tend to throw out things like that. 'Sources say, my sources.' Listen, I haven't missed any sleep. Jim has not said anything to me about it. He's on the road recruiting, putting in great effort.

"From my perspective, it has no validity at all."

Harbaugh, who turns 55 this month, is completing his fourth year at Michigan. He owns a 38-13 record -- including 10-2 this season -- entering the Peach Bowl against Florida on Dec. 29.

Speculation comes up every year involving Harbaugh -- last season's rumor mill had the Indianapolis Colts ready to make a run at the coach -- but Manuel said he hasn't seen anything that would prevent Harbaugh from being back for a fifth season with the Wolverines.

"There have been zero conversations about it. I believe Jim is very happy here. He is working to continue to bring in great recruits here," Manuel said. "Preparing to go down to the bowl game at the Peach Bowl and play a very good Florida team. His focus, I've spoken to him on several occasions in the past week, his focus has only been on the University of Michigan and making us better.

"I don't give any credence to those comments."

--Field Level Media

12/06/2018 18:42

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