NCAA urges California to reject Fair Pay to Play Act

The NCAA sent a letter on Wednesday to California Gov. Gavin Newsom, urging him not to enact a proposed law that would allow college athletes in the state to accept endorsement money without repercussions.

The state Assembly already has voted to approve the law, known as the Fair Pay to Play Act, and the state Senate is expected to vote on it this week. If the Senate approves the bill, as expected, it would be sent to Newsom to sign into law.

The NCAA contends the proposed legislation is unconstitutional and would "upend the balance" of competition in college sports.

If approved, the legislation would take effect in 2023. Schools would not be allowed to declare a student-athlete ineligible or take away scholarships for accepting endorsement fees.

Michael Drake, who is the chairman of the NCAA board of governors and also president at Ohio State, told ESPN that the NCAA is open to changes that would give athletes the right to sell their name or likeness. The organization, however, wants to do it on a national, rather than a state-by-state basis, he said.

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09/11/2019 22:01

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