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One Tech Tip: Protecting yourself against SIM swapping

SIM-swapping is a growing form of identity theft that goes beyond hacking into an email or social media account More »


World's first hydrogen-powered commercial ferry to run on San Francisco Bay, and it's free to ride

The first hydrogen-powered ferry to operate commercially anywhere in the world is set to begin transporting passengers on San Francisco Bay More »


US senators call out Big Tech's new approach to poaching talent, products from smaller AI startups

Three U.S. Senators are calling for action against a new practice big technology companies are using to swallow up the talent and products of innovative AI startups without formally acquiring them More »


European Union says X's blue checks are deceptive 'dark patterns' that breach its social media laws

The European Union says blue checkmarks from Elon Musk’s X are deceptive and that the online platform falls short on transparency and accountability requirements More »


Two 80-something journalists tried ChatGPT. Then, they sued to protect the 'written word'

When two octogenarian buddies named Nick discovered that ChatGPT might be stealing and repurposing a lifetime of their work, they tapped a son-in-law to sue the companies behind the artificial intelligence chatbot More »


On NYC beaches, angry birds fight drones patrolling for sharks and struggling swimmers

A new initiative to monitor swimmers and sharks on New York City beaches with surveillance drones is bringing a backlash from shorebirds More »


Biden awards $1.7 billion to boost electric vehicle manufacturing and assembly in 8 states

The Biden administration is awarding nearly $2 billion in grants to help restart or expand electric vehicle manufacturing and assembly sites in eight states, including the presidential battlegrounds of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia More »


US signs agreement with 3 social media giants aimed at preventing distribution of synthetic drugs

The United States has signed a memorandum with several of the world’s biggest social media companies aimed at preventing the use of their platforms for the distribution of synthetic drugs More »


Data of nearly all AT&T customers downloaded from a third-party platform in security breach

The data of nearly all customers of the telecommunications giant AT&T was downloaded from a third-party platform in a security breach in a year already rife with massive cyberattacks More »


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