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Florida scientists induce spawning of Atlantic coral in lab for first time

APOLLO BEACH, Fla. (Reuters) - Scientists in Florida have artificially induced reproductive spawning of an endangered Atlantic coral species for the first time in an aquarium setting, a breakthrough they say holds great promise in efforts to restore depleted reefs in the wild. Read More


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Boeing spacecraft astronauts see new frontier for commercial space

HOUSTON (Reuters) - A crew of veteran U.S. astronauts and aviators are training in Houston for a manned mission to the International Space Station aboard Boeing's new Starliner spacecraft, which could also be used to take tourists into space on future missions. More »


Earth to FEDOR: Russia launches humanoid robot into space

MOSCOW (Reuters) - A Russian humanoid robot was making its way on Thursday to the International Space Station after blasting off on a two-week mission to support the crew and test his skills. More »


Space telescope offers rare glimpse of Earth-sized rocky exoplanet

(Reuters) - Direct observations from a NASA space telescope have for the first time revealed the atmospheric void of a rocky, Earth-sized world beyond our own solar system orbiting the most common type of star in the galaxy, according to a study released on Monday. More »


Plans detailed for first U.S. mission to land on moon since Apollo

SEATTLE (Reuters) - The first American spacecraft expected to land on the moon in nearly 50 years will be an unmanned robotic lander built by closely held Astrobotic Technology Inc and launched in two years by United Launch Alliance's Vulcan rocket, the companies told Reuters on Monday. More »


China state agency successfully launches rocket for commercial use: CCTV

BEIJING (Reuters) - A Chinese government space agency successfully launched on Saturday its first rocket meant for commercial use, state television CCTV reported, as firms in the country compete to join a commercial satellite boom. More »


NASA chief announces Alabama facility as moon spacecraft headquarters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine on Friday said Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama will anchor the U.S. space agency's program to build a spacecraft to put astronauts back on the moon by 2024, a boon for the state and a disappointment for Texas. More »


Planet 10 times Earth's mass may have smacked Jupiter long ago

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Jupiter, the solar system's largest planet, may have been smacked head-on by an embryonic planet 10 times Earth's mass not long after being formed, a monumental crash with apparent lasting effects on the Jovian core, scientists said on Thursday. More »


Genetic study implicates humans in demise of prehistoric cave bear

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Genetic research that reconstructed the past population dynamics of the cave bear, a prominent prehistoric denizen of Europe, implicates Homo sapiens rather than climate cooling in the Ice Age extinction of these brawny plant-loving beasts. More »


Chinese space startup revs up for reusable rocket race

BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinese startup LinkSpace on Saturday completed its third test of a reusable rocket in five months, stepping up the pace in China's race to develop a technology key to cheap space launches in an expected global boom in satellite deployment. More »


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