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Scientists create new idea on how to hack a warming planet: drying the upper atmosphere

Government scientists have cooked up a new concept for how to potentially cool an overheating Earth: Fiddle with the upper atmosphere to make it a bit drier More »


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Our ancient animal ancestors had tails. Why don't we?

Scientists have identified a gene mutation that may explain why we don't have tails More »


Toppled moon lander sends back more images, with only hours left until it dies

A toppled moon lander is still beaming back pictures, as its nears the final hours of its life More »


Astronomers spot new tiny moons around Neptune and Uranus

The moon count in our solar system just went up by three More »


A New York collector pleads guilty to smuggling rare birdwing butterflies

A New York man has pleaded guilty to charges he illegally trafficked birdwing butterflies and other rare insects More »


Man to plead guilty in 'killing spree' of eagles and other birds for feathers prized by tribes

A Washington state man accused of helping kill more than 3,000 birds, including eagles, on a Montana Indian reservation then illegally selling their carcasses and feathers intends to plead guilty to federal criminal charges More »


Here's a look at moon landing hits and misses

Landing a spacecraft on the moon has long been a series of hits and misses and now a U.S. company is the first private outfit to achieve a touchdown More »


Conservationist Aldo Leopold's last remaining child dies at 97

The last remaining child of famed conservationist and author Aldo Leopold has died More »


A small drone flies into a damaged Fukushima nuclear reactor for the first time to study melted fuel

A small drone has flown inside one of the damaged reactors at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in hopes it can examine some of the molten fuel debris in areas where earlier robots failed to reach More »


Germany plans to enable underground storage of carbon dioxide at offshore sites

Germany's vice chancellor says the country plans to enable underground carbon storage at offshore sites, pushing ahead with a much-discussed technology in an acknowledgement that time is running out to combat climate change More »


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