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New space telescope reaches final stop million miles out

The world's biggest and most powerful space telescope has reached its final destination 1 million miles away Read More


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US, Colorado reach proposed settlement in 2015 mine spill

Colorado, the U.S. government and a gold mining company have agreed to resolve a longstanding dispute over who’s responsible for cleanup at a Superfund site that was established after a massive 2015 spill of hazardous mine waste More »


All 100 lab monkeys accounted for after several escape crash

Federal authorities say the last of the escaped monkeys from a Pennsylvania highway crash of a truck towing a trailer load of the animals has been accounted for More »


As Biden struggles, Harris touts California wildfire aid

Vice President Kamala Harris returned to her home state during challenging times for the White House to highlight funding for federal wildfire programs More »


Rare, pristine coral reef found off Tahiti coast

A team of scientists has explored a rare, pristine coral reef off the coast of Tahiti More »


No. 2 US climate diplomat leaves after a year under Biden

The Biden administration’s second-ranking climate diplomat is leaving his job, after one year More »


US academics use radar to help seek missing in split Cyprus

U.S. academics who help locate Holocaust mass graves and execution sites in Eastern Europe have used high-tech, ground-penetrating radar to identify potential burial sites of people who disappeared amid war and interethnic strife in Cyprus decades ago More »


US researchers test pig-to-human transplant in donated body

U.S. researchers are reporting the latest in a surprising string of experiments in the quest to save human lives with organs from genetically modified pigs More »


Washington justices uphold $18M fine in GMO-labeling case

The Washington Supreme Court has narrowly upheld an $18 million fine against an association of large food brands that funneled dark money into a state political campaign More »


First aid flights arrive in Tonga after big volcano eruption

The first flights carrying fresh water and other aid to Tonga finally arrived after the Pacific nation’s main airport runway was cleared of ash left by a huge volcanic eruption More »


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