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Moon fests, moon movie and even a full moon mark 55th anniversary of Apollo 11 landing

Saturday marks the 55th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin More »


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The winner in China's panda diplomacy: the pandas themselves

China’s giant panda loan program has long been a tool of diplomacy, but its significance for species conservation has proved important, too More »


Boeing is closer to understanding thruster failures on its first astronaut flight with latest test

Boeing is closer to understanding what went wrong with its astronaut capsule in orbit, now that testing is complete on a spare thruster here on Earth More »


How NASA and SpaceX will bring down the space station when it's retired

SpaceX will use a powerful, souped-up capsule to shove the International Space Station out of orbit once time is up for the sprawling lab More »


NASA cancels its moon rover mission, citing cost overruns and launch delays

NASA is canceling a water-seeking moon rover because of cost overruns and launch delays More »


Scientists have confirmed a cave on the moon that could be used to shelter future explorers

Scientists have confirmed a cave on the moon, not far from where Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed 55 years ago More »


106 rare crocodile eggs are found in Cambodia, the biggest such discovery in 20 years

Officials in Cambodia say conservationists have found 106 eggs of rare Siamese crocodile species in a western Cambodian wildlife sanctuary More »


World’s rarest whale may have washed up on New Zealand beach, possibly shedding clues on species

Spade-toothed whales are the world’s rarest, with no live sightings ever recorded More »


A meteor streaked over the NYC skyline before disintegrating over New Jersey

NASA has confirmed that meteor streaked over the New York City skyline before disintegrating over nearby New Jersey More »


Brazilian researchers discover dinosaur fossil after heavy rains in Rio Grande do Sul

A team of Brazilian scientists has discovered the fossilized skeleton of what they believe is one of the world’s oldest dinosaurs More »


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