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Three astronauts return to Earth after a year in space. NASA's Frank Rubio sets US space record

A NASA astronaut and two Russians are back on Earth after being stuck in space for just over a year Read More


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We carry DNA from extinct cousins like Neanderthals. Science is now revealing their genetic legacy

More research is showing that we carry genes from other kinds of ancient humans, and their DNA affects our lives today More »


Science paints a new picture of the ancient past, when we mixed and mated with other kinds of humans

The science of human evolution has made big leaps in recent years, and it’s painting a new picture of our origins More »


Biden tells Pacific islands leaders that he hears their warnings about climate change and will act

President Joe Biden has informed leaders from the 18-member Pacific Islands Forum that he has heard their warnings about the impact of climate change on their region More »


Historians race to find Great Lakes shipwrecks before quagga mussels destroy the sites

Historians are racing to locate Great Lakes shipwrecks before a seemingly unstoppable invasive mussel destroys them and erases part of the region's heritage More »


Surgeons perform second pig heart transplant, trying to save a dying man

Surgeons have transplanted a pig’s heart into a dying man in a bid to prolong his life More »


NASA's first asteroid samples land on Earth after release from spacecraft

A space capsule carrying NASA’s first asteroid samples has landed in the Utah desert More »


Birthplace of the atomic bomb braces for its biggest mission since the top-secret Manhattan Project

Los Alamos was the perfect spot for the U.S. government’s top-secret Manhattan Project More »


NASA spacecraft delivering biggest sample yet from an asteroid

Planet Earth is about to receive the biggest sample yet from an asteroid More »


The fall equinox is here. What does that mean?

Fall gets its official start this weekend in the Northern Hemisphere More »


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