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Slow and steady or a big spurt? How to grow a ferocious dinosaur

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Large meat-eating dinosaurs attained their great size through very different growth strategies, with some taking a slow and steady path and others experiencing an adolescent growth spurt, according to scientists who analyzed slices of fossilized bones. Read More


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Russia should look again at terms of ISS participation - space industry official

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia should consider revising the terms of its participation in the International Space Station, a Russian space industry executive said on Thursday, because it wants to focus on forming its own orbiting outpost after 2024. More »


Dinosaur-era bird with scythe-like beak sheds light on avian diversity

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A delicate but exquisitely preserved skull of a crow-sized bird with a scythe-like beak that inhabited Madagascar 68 million years ago is showing scientists that they have a lot of learn about avian diversity during the age of dinosaurs. More »


SpaceX to press ahead with Starlink tests, delays commercial service

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - SpaceX will continue beta testing its satellite-based broadband service Starlink into next year, the company said late Tuesday, indicating commercial service would not likely be offered in 2020 as previously planned. More »


Egyptian inventor trials robot that can test for COVID-19

TANTA, Egypt (Reuters) - With Egypt facing a second coronavirus wave, an inventor is trialing a remote-control robot which can test for COVID-19, take the temperature of patients, and warn them if they don't wear masks at a private hospital north of Cairo. More »


China calls launch a success as robotic spacecraft heads to moon

WENCHANG, China (Reuters) - China hailed as a success its pre-dawn launch on Tuesday of a robotic spacecraft to bring back rocks from the moon in the first bid by any country to retrieve lunar surface samples since the 1970s, a mission underscoring Chinese ambitions in space. More »


Small U.S. launch firm Rocket Lab recovers rocket, in test of reusability

(Reuters) - Small launch firm Rocket Lab was able to safely recover from the ocean a rocket it sent to space, its chief executive said on Monday, a key test of the company's strategy to slash rocket launch costs via reusability. More »


Timeline: Major milestones in Chinese space exploration

BEIJING (Reuters) - China plans to launch an unmanned probe to the moon early this week to bring back lunar rocks in the first attempt by any nation to retrieve samples from Earth's natural satellite since the 1970s. More »


Siemens, Deutsche Bahn launch local hydrogen trains trial

MUNICH (Reuters) - Siemens Mobility and Deutsche Bahn have started developing hydrogen-powered fuel cell trains and a filling station which will be trialled in 2024 with view to replace diesel engines on German local rail networks. More »


Drying habitat makes Australia's platypus vulnerable, scientists say

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australian scientists pushed on Monday to list the platypus as a vulnerable species after a report showed the habitat of the semi-aquatic native mammal had shrunk more than a fifth in the last 30 years. More »


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