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Hamas says Gaza cease-fire talks haven't paused and claims military chief survived Israeli strike

Hamas says Gaza cease-fire talks continue and the group’s military commander is in good health a day after the Israeli military targeted Mohammed Deif with a massive airstrike that local health officials say killed at least 90 people, including children More »


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France's Bastille Day parade meets the Olympic torch relay in an exceptional year

Paris is hosting an extra-special guest for France’s national holiday Sunday More »


Israel targets Hamas' military leader in Gaza. Who is he and what does it mean for the war?

Israel says it tried to assassinate Mohammed Deif, the shadowy leader of the Hamas group’s military wing who has long topped the country’s most-wanted list More »


A Pakistani court acquits ex-PM Khan but supporters' hopes of his release are dashed

A Pakistani court has overturned the conviction and seven-year prison sentence of former Prime Minister Imran Khan and his wife in a case relating to the legality of their marriage More »


Shelling kills 4 in Ukraine as a drone attack sparks fire at an oil depot in Russia

Russian shelling of Ukraine has killed four people as the two countries exchanged drone attacks, one of which set ablaze a Russian oil depot More »


The son of Asia's richest man gets married in the year's most extravagant wedding

The youngest son of Mukesh Ambani, Asia’s richest man, has married his longtime girlfriend in what many have dubbed the wedding of the year More »


Peaceful pre-Olympic protest in Paris honors fallen Ukrainian athletes

In a powerful tribute to the hundreds of Ukrainian athletes who have perished since the Russian invasion of their homeland, the Union of Ukrainians of France led a peaceful march of several hundred people in Paris on Saturday More »


A Taiwan-based Buddhist charity attempts to take the founding nun's message of compassion global

Tzu Chi is an international Buddhist organization led by the Venerable Cheng Yen, an 87-year-old nun living in Taiwan More »


Who is the Buddhist nun who built a global charity from a tiny apartment in rural Taiwan?

In 1966, Cheng Yen, a Buddhist nun living in eastern Taiwan, asked local housewives to contribute 50 cents a month to fund her charity More »


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