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Exclusive: Trump to add China's SMIC and CNOOC to defense blacklist - sources

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Trump administration is poised to add China's top chipmaker SMIC and national offshore oil and gas producer CNOOC to a blacklist of alleged Chinese military companies, according to a document and sources, curbing their access to U.S. investors and escalating tensions with Beijing weeks before President-elect Joe Biden takes office. Learn More


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Exclusive: Twitter suspends Thai royalist account linked to influence campaign

BANGKOK (Reuters) - Twitter has suspended a Thai pro-royalist account linked to the palace that a Reuters analysis found was connected to thousands of others created in recent weeks spreading posts in favour of King Maha Vajiralongkorn and the monarchy. More »


Iran to give a 'calculated' response to nuclear scientist killing, says official

DUBAI (Reuters) - Iran will give a "calculated and decisive" response to the killing of its top nuclear scientist, said a top adviser to Iran's supreme leader, while a hardline newspaper suggested Tehran's revenge should include striking the Israeli city of Haifa. More »


Argentine authorities seize files from Maradona's doctor in probe of death

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - Argentine justice officials on Sunday seized medical files from the doctor of Diego Maradona as part of their investigation into the recent death of the soccer star. More »


Cuban government backtracks on deal with protesters

HAVANA (Reuters) - Communist-run Cuba over the weekend launched an all-out rhetorical assault through state-run media on a rare protest that took place Friday for freedom of expression, branding it part of an ongoing effort by the United States to create an uprising. More »


Afghan female artist breaks tattoo taboo in Kabul studio

KABUL (Reuters) - Soraya Shahidy carefully lays a stencil on Nargis Merzayi's arm before inking the latest tattoo in her salon in Afghanistan's capital Kabul. More »


Tigray forces claim to have shot down Ethiopian plane, taken town

ADDIS ABABA/NAIROBI (Reuters) - Rebellious forces from Ethiopia's northern region of Tigray said they had shot down a military plane and retaken a town from federal forces on Sunday, as war dragged on a day after the government announced its military offensive was over. More »


Malaria death toll to exceed COVID-19's in sub-Saharan Africa: WHO

LONDON (Reuters) - Deaths from malaria due to disruptions during the coronavirus pandemic to services designed to tackle the mosquito-borne disease will far exceed those killed by COVID-19 in sub-Saharan Africa, the World Health Organization warned on Monday. More »


Brazil voters elect mayors amid surge in COVID-19 cases, violence

SAO PAULO (Reuters) - Brazilian voters in 57 cities including 18 state capitals returned to the polls for run-off mayoral elections on Sunday amid a surge in cases of COVID-19 and violence involving assassinations and attacks on candidates. More »


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