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Sweden drops Assange rape investigation after nearly 10 years

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - A Swedish prosecutor dropped a rape investigation against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, ending the near decade-old case that had sent the anti-secrecy campaigner into hiding in London's Ecuadorian embassy to avoid extradition. Learn More


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U.S. support for Israeli settlements renews focus on core issue in Mideast conflict

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel's ruling right-wing government on Tuesday moved swiftly to embrace Washington's backing for Israeli settlements, even as Palestinians and Arab leaders said it was a threat to the international rule of law. More »


Trump shift on Israeli settlements fulfills wish list of evangelical base

NEW YORK/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A U.S. decision effectively backing Israel's building of settlements in the occupied West Bank, long a cherished item on conservative Christians' wish list, is expected to strengthen evangelicals' support for Donald Trump as he seeks re-election in 2020, according to a leader of the president's evangelical advisory group. More »


More than 100 protestors killed in Iran during unrest: Amnesty International

DUBAI (Reuters) - Amnesty International said on Tuesday that more than 100 protestors had been killed in 21 cities in Iran during unrest that broke out over a rise in fuel prices last week. More »


UK's Corbyn: Serious questions to be answered about Prince Andrew

MANCHESTER, England (Reuters) - Britain's opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said on Tuesday there were questions to be answered after a televised interview in which Prince Andrew denied accusations he had sex with a teenage girl. More »


British PM Johnson will probably win this uninspiring election, Farage says

PETERBOROUGH, England (Reuters) - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will probably win the Dec. 12 election with a small majority but the campaign has so far been uninspiring with a host of unrealistic promises on both sides, Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage said on Tuesday. More »


Syrian air defenses thwart hostile targets in the capital Damascus: state media

CAIRO (Reuters) - Syrian air defenses thwarted hostile targets on Wednesday above the capital Damascus and downed several missiles, state media reported. More »


U.S. Senate unanimously passes Hong Kong rights bill

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Senate, in a unanimous vote, passed legislation on Tuesday aimed at protecting human rights in Hong Kong amid China's crackdown on a pro-democracy protest movement that has gripped the vital financial center for months. More »


Rights violations in Nicaragua upset 'constitutional order': OAS

MANAGUA (Reuters) - The Organization of American States (OAS) said in a statement on Tuesday that human rights violations and the overall situation in Nicaragua since April 2018 have upset the "constitutional order" in the Central American country. More »


South Korean nationals, vessels released by Yemen's Houthis: South Korea Foreign Ministry

SEOUL (Reuters) - Three vessels and 16 people, including two South Korean nationals, who had been seized by Yemen's Houthi movement have been released on Tuesday, South Korea's Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday. More »


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