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A deal between Israel and Hamas appears to be taking shape. What would it look like?

Israel and Hamas are inching toward a new deal that would free some of the roughly 130 hostages held in the Gaza Strip in exchange for a weekslong pause in the war More »


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Democracy's appeal is slipping as nations across much of the world hold elections, a poll finds

A survey of 24 democratic countries by the Pew Research Center has found that while representative democracy remains a favorite system of governance around the globe, its appeal is slipping on the eve of elections worldwide More »


Many in Iran are frustrated by unrest and poor economy. Parliament elections could see a low turnout

Iran is holding parliamentary elections this Friday, yet the real question may not be who gets elected but how many people actually turn out to vote More »


The funeral of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny will be on Friday, spokesperson says

The funeral of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who died earlier this month in a remote Arctic penal colony, will take place on Friday in Moscow after several locations declined to host the service, his spokesperson says More »


Burundi detains dozens of soldiers who refused deployment in fight against M23 rebels in Congo

Dozens of Burundian troops have been detained for refusing to be deployed to eastern Congo in the fight against the M23 rebel group More »


Activists urge Nigeria to delay Shell's $2.4 billion sale of assets in deeply polluted Niger Delta

Local activists and international environmental groups want Nigeria’s government to delay approving the $2.4 billion sale of oil company Shell’s onshore assets More »


Moldovan breakaway region appeals to Russia as a spat with the pro-Western government worsens

Officials in Moldova’s Russia-backed breakaway region of Transnistria have appealed to Moscow for protection as tensions escalate with the pro-Western government More »


Dubai's sky-high aspirations find a new outlet as it hosts a jet suit race for 'Iron Man' pilots

Pilots lined up on a runway in Dubai and fired up their seven jet engines with an ear-splitting roar More »


Scientists create new idea on how to hack a warming planet: drying the upper atmosphere

Government scientists have cooked up a new concept for how to potentially cool an overheating Earth: Fiddle with the upper atmosphere to make it a bit drier More »


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