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Here’s the landscape 2 years after the Supreme Court overturned a national right to abortion

Two years after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, the debate over abortion access is playing out in elections and the courts More »


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WHO and Eli Lilly caution patients against falling for fake versions of popular weight-loss drugs

The World Health Organization and drugmaker Eli Lilly and Co. are warning patients to be wary of fake versions of weight-loss and diabetes medicines More »


Macron and African leaders push for vaccines for Africa after COVID-19 exposed inequalities

French President Emmanuel Macron has joined African leaders to kick off a planned $1 billion project to accelerate the rollout of vaccines in Africa More »


New York moves to limit 'addictive' social media feeds for kids

New York's governor has signed a bill that would allow parents to block their children from getting social media posts suggested by a platform’s algorithm, a move to limit feeds critics argue are addictive More »


Colombian family's genes offer new clue to delaying onset of Alzheimer's

Scientists studying a Colombian family plagued by early-in-life Alzheimer's have found a rare gene variant that seems to delay initial symptoms by about five years More »


Change Healthcare to start notifying customers who had data exposed in cyberattack

Change Healthcare is starting to notify hospitals, insurers and other customers that they may have had patient information exposed in a massive cyberattack More »


Darfur sees an increase in much needed food aid, but it’s still not enough to avert famine, UN says

The U.N.'s food agency says families in Sudan’s embattled western Darfur region have received an emergency increase in food aid that is needed to help avert looming famine More »


Illegally brewed liquor kills at least 34 with dozens hospitalized in southern India

Officials say at least 34 people have died and dozens are hospitalized after drinking illegally brewed liquor tainted with methanol in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu More »


The European Union's top court rules that disinfectants can't be advertised as 'skin friendly'

The European Union’s top court says products such as disinfectants can’t be advertised as “skin friendly.” More »


It's summer solstice time. What does that mean?

Summer kicks off in the Northern Hemisphere with the summer solstice on Thursday More »


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