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FDA advisers vote against experimental ALS treatment pushed by patients

Federal health advisers have voted overwhelmingly against recommending approval of an experimental treatment for Lou Gehrig's disease, the fatal muscle-wasting disease Learn More


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Ohio wants to revive a strict abortion law. Justices are weighing the legal arguments

Ohio Supreme Court justices have questioned the state’s lawyer about a legal strategy that Ohio is attempting in hopes of reviving its law banning abortions except in the earliest weeks of pregnancy More »


California Gov. Gavin Newsom signs law to protect doctors who mail abortion pills to other states

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed a law protecting doctors and pharmacists who mail abortion pills to patients in other states More »


Canadian police won't investigate doctor for sterilizing Indigenous woman

Police in Canada say they will not pursue a criminal investigation into a recent case in which a doctor sterilized an Inuit woman without her consent More »


Anti-abortion groups demand liberal Wisconsin prosecutors charge abortion providers despite ruling

A coalition of anti-abortion organizations is urging two Wisconsin prosecutors to pursue charges against abortion providers in their counties despite a court's ruling that abortion is legal More »


New rules aim to make foster care with family easier, provide protection for LGBTQ+ children

The Biden administration is moving to make it easier for caregivers to take in family members in the foster care system, requiring states to provide them with the same financial support that any other foster home would receive More »


UN says cholera and dengue outbreaks have been reported in eastern Sudan as conflict grinds on

The U.N. health agency says cholera and dengue outbreaks have been reported in eastern Sudan, where thousands of people are sheltering in crowded camps as deadly fighting grinds on between the country’s military and a rival paramilitary force More »


After US approval, Japan OKs its first Alzheimer's drug. Leqembi was developed by Eisai and Biogen

Japan’s health ministry has approved Leqembi, a drug for Alzheimer’s decease that was jointly developed by Japanese and U.S. pharmaceutical companies More »


Oregon Gov. Kotek directs state police to crack down on fentanyl distribution

Oregon Gov. Tina Kotek says she has directed state police to launch new strategies aimed at disrupting the fentanyl supply chain and holding sellers of the illegal and often deadly drug accountable More »


Scottish officials approve UK's first drug consumption room intended for safer use of illegal drugs

Scottish authorities have approved a multimillion pound drug consumption room More »


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