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Hard-won gains at risk as Delta variant spreads- WHO

GENEVA (Reuters) -The world is at risk of losing hard-won gains in fighting COVID-19, as the highly transmissible Delta variant spreads, but WHO-approved vaccines remain effective against the disease, the World Health Organization said on Friday. Learn More


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U.S. CDC internal report says Delta variant as contagious as chickenpox - report

(Reuters) - The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has described the Delta variant of the coronavirus as being as transmissible as chickenpox and cautioned it could cause severe disease, the Washington Post said, citing an internal CDC document. More »


COVID vaccine protection highly likely to wane over time - UK advisers say

LONDON (Reuters) -The protection that vaccines give against coronavirus infection, and potentially severe disease, is highly likely to wane over time so vaccine campaigns will continue for years to come, scientists told the British government's advisory group. More »


U.S. authorities probing Emergent BioSolutions over COVID-19 vaccine issues - filing

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Drug manufacturer Emergent BioSolutions Inc on Friday said it has received inquiries and subpoenas from a swathe of U.S. authorities related to its abilities to manufacture COVID-19 bulk drug substance. More »


Canada says fourth COVID surge can be limited with vaccinations, slow reopening

OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canada's COVID-19 cases are creeping higher at the start of what could be a fourth wave, which can be kept under control if vaccinations continue and there is a cautious relaxation of public health measures, the country's top health official said on Friday. More »


COVID-19 Delta variant gains prevalence in Italy - health institute

MILAN (Reuters) -The highly contagious Delta variant of the coronavirus has gained dominance in Italy, the National Health Institute (ISS) said on Friday, releasing data showing it accounted for 94.8% of cases as of July 20. More »


Pakistan's largest city to undergo partial lockdown to curb virus spread

KARACHI, Pakistan (Reuters) - Pakistan’s largest city, Karachi, is to undergo a week-long partial lockdown starting Saturday to curb the spread of the coronavirus Delta variant, as the city’s hospitals are close to saturation levels, the provincial chief minister said on Friday. More »


Asian nations impose stricter COVID-19 restrictions due to Delta outbreaks

(Reuters) - Asian countries from Australia to Japan and the Philippines announced tighter COVID-19 restrictions on Friday, as they battle worsening coronavirus outbreaks, driven by the more contagious Delta variant. More »


Japan expands state of emergency as COVID-19 surge shadows Olympics

TOKYO (Reuters) -Japan said on Friday it will expand states of emergency to three prefectures near Olympic host Tokyo and the western prefecture of Osaka, as COVID-19 cases spike in the capital and around the country, overshadowing the Summer Games. More »


Israel's president gets third COVID-19 shot, urges boosters for over-60s

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israeli President Isaac Herzog received a third shot of coronavirus vaccine on Friday, kicking off a campaign to give booster doses to people aged over 60 as part of efforts to slow the spread of the highly contagious Delta variant. More »


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