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Where Democratic presidential candidates stand on 'Medicare for All' ahead of next debate

(Reuters) - Perhaps no issue has divided the field of Democratic 2020 presidential hopefuls more than the debate over "Medicare for All." Learn More


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OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma to pay states' lawyers, urged to help victims

(Reuters) - OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma LP got court approval on Tuesday to reimburse millions of dollars in legal fees for states that back its proposed $10 billion settlement of opioid lawsuits, but with a condition meant to help victims of the addiction crisis. More »


Philippine leader says to ban 'toxic' e-cigarettes and arrest users

MANILA (Reuters) - The Philippines will outlaw the use and importation of e-cigarettes and arrest anyone using them, its president said on Tuesday, joining a growing number of nations moving to ban devices that have been linked to deaths and addiction. More »


Influential U.S. doctors group calls for ban on vaping products

CHICAGO (Reuters) - The American Medical Association (AMA) on Tuesday called for a total ban on all e-cigarette and vaping products that are not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as smoking cessation tools. More »


Donors pledge $2.6 billion for 'last mile' of polio eradication

LONDON (Reuters) - Donor governments and philanthropists pledged $2.6 billion on Tuesday to help fund a worldwide polio eradication plan that has taken decades to reach what global health specialists say is now the "last mile". More »


Women more likely to be warned away from surgery careers due to gender

(Reuters Health) - Punishing hours and concerns about having little time to marry and have children deter both male and female medical students from choosing careers in surgery, but more women say they've been warned away from the field because of their gender, a survey found. More »


Even moderate drinking by parents may impact kids

(Reuters Health) - Roughly half of UK adolescents have seen a parent who's not an alcoholic get drunk or tipsy, and more than one in three can name at least one downside to parents' drinking, a study suggests. More »


California sues e-cigarette maker Juul for selling nicotine products to youth

(Reuters) - The state of California on Monday sued e-cigarette maker Juul Labs Inc, alleging the San Francisco company engaged in a "systematic" and "wildly successful" campaign to attract teenagers to its nicotine devices. More »


Most states protect doctors who refuse to do abortions because of religion

(Reuters Health) - The vast majority of U.S. states have passed laws blocking civil lawsuits that might result from a doctor refusing to perform an abortion or certain other medical procedures because of religious beliefs, a new study shows. More »


Knee replacement doesn't solve sexual problems

(Reuters Health) - Patients having knee replacement surgery sometimes hope to regain or improve their sexual activity afterward, but that doesn't always happen, a new study finds. More »


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