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Biden in State of Union promises to 'finish the job'

President Joe Biden is exhorting Republicans in his State of the Union address to work with him to “finish the job” of rebuilding the economy and uniting the nation Learn More


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State of the Union live updates: Latest on Biden's speech

President Joe Biden has finished with his State of the Union address in the House chamber More »


Toll of police brutality on display at State of the Union

The toll of police brutality in America was on painful display as family members of Black men and women killed in custody sit alongside lawmakers in the House to hear the president’s State of the Union address More »


Conservative groups look beyond Trump for 2024 GOP nominee

Two major conservative groups have signaled they are open to supporting someone other than Donald Trump in the 2024 race for the White House More »


Biden to focus on vets, cancer patients, others in speech

The White House says President Joe Biden will use his State of the Union address to call for new steps to help veterans and cancer patients, fight drug addition and provide more access to mental health care More »


State of the Union? Congress doesn't fully reflect diversity

When lawmakers gather for President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, the Republican side of the aisle will look slightly different than in years past More »


Arkansas Gov. Sanders slams Biden for 'woke fantasies'

Arkansas Gov_ Sarah Huckabee Sanders is accusing President Joe Biden of focusing on “woke fantasies.” More »


As jets closed in on China balloon, hobbyists were listening

The extraordinary scene of U.S. fighter jets getting ready to strike the Chinese balloon had many people along the Carolina coast straining their necks and pointing their smartphones to the sky to capture the moment of impact More »


Navy divers begin pulling up Chinese spy balloon debris

The Navy has shifted to an all-underwater search for pieces of the massive Chinese spy balloon a U.S. fighter jet shot down off the coast of South Carolina on Saturday More »


Air Force leader's spouse opened fire during Andrews breach

The intruder who breached Joint Base Andrews, the home of Air Force One, reached the residence of one of the Air Force’s top leaders before her spouse opened fire More »


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