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Indian railways minister says signaling system error led to crash that killed over 300 people

India’s railways minister says the train derailment that killed more than 300 people and injured hundreds more was caused by an error in the electronic signaling system that led a train to wrongly change tracks Read More


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Carter and the Kings: A friendship and alliance — but after MLK's assassination

Jimmy Carter is now 98 years old as he receives hospice care More »


China defends buzzing American warship in Taiwan Strait, accuses US of provoking Beijing

China’s defense minister has defended sailing a warship across the path of an American destroyer and Canadian frigate transiting the Taiwan Strait, telling a gathering of some of the world’s top defense officials in Singapore that such so-called “freedom of navigation” patrols are a provocation to China More »


Slow start to New York's legal pot market leaves farmers holding the bag

New York's fledgling marijuana market doesn't have enough licensed retailers to sell the 300,000 pounds (136,000 kilograms) of cannabis grown by farmers in the state More »


North Korean leader's sister vows 2nd attempt to launch spy satellite, slams UN meeting

The influential sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has vowed again to push for a second launch of a spy satellite More »


Las Vegas ballpark pitch revives debate over public funding for sports stadiums

The proposal to help finance a new ballpark for Major League Baseball's Athletics in Las Vegas has revived nationwide debates about public funding for private stadiums, pitting Nevada’s powerful tourism industry and labor unions against some progressive groups raising concerns about ceding tax revenue when services such as public schools are funded below the national average More »


Biden signs debt ceiling bill that pulls US back from brink of unprecedented default

With just two days to spare, President Joe Biden has signed legislation that lifts the nation’s debt ceiling More »


Inside Russia's penal colonies: A look at life for political prisoners caught in Putin's crackdowns

Alexei Navalny will spend his 47th birthday Sunday in a tiny prison cell with hardly any natural light More »


Trump-appointed judge rejects Tennessee's anti-drag law as too broad, too vague

A federal judge says Tennessee’s first-in-the-nation law designed to place strict limits on drag shows is unconstitutional More »


Utah district bans Bible in elementary and middle schools 'due to vulgarity or violence'

The Good Book is being treated like a bad book in Utah after a parent frustrated by efforts to ban materials from schools convinced a suburban district that some Bible verses were too vulgar or violent for younger children More »


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