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New rule will cut federal money to college programs that leave grads with high debt, low pay

A new federal rule threatens to cut federal money to college programs that consistently leave graduates with low pay or unaffordable debt Learn More


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Over 50 arrested after mobs ransacked Philadelphia stores. Dozens of liquor outlets are shut down

Dozens of people face criminal charges after authorities said groups of thieves working together smashed their way into stores in several areas of Philadelphia and fled with merchandise More »


A judge found Trump committed fraud in building his real-estate empire. Here's what happens next

A judge’s ruling that Donald Trump committed fraud for years as he built his real-estate empire tarnishes the former president’s image as a real estate titan turned political powerhouse, and could strip him of his authority to make major decisions about the future of his marquee businesses More »


CVS responds quickly after pharmacists frustrated with their workload don't show up

A group of pharmacists frustrated with overwhelming workloads didn't show up for work last week in at least a dozen Kansas City-area CVS pharmacies More »


Ohio wants to revive a strict abortion law. Justices are weighing the legal arguments

Ohio Supreme Court justices have questioned the state’s lawyer about a legal strategy that Ohio is attempting in hopes of reviving its law banning abortions except in the earliest weeks of pregnancy More »


Chinese immigrant workers sue over forced labor at illegal marijuana operation on Navajo land

A group of Chinese immigrant workers is suing over forced labor and human trafficking claims that stem from an illegal marijuana growing operation in northwestern New Mexico More »


In Hollywood writers' battle against AI, humans win (for now)

After a 148-day strike, Hollywood screenwriters secured significant guardrails against the use of artificial intelligence in one of the first major labor battles over generative AI in the workplace More »


Man pleads guilty to smuggling-related charges over Texas deaths of 53 migrants in tractor-trailer

One of six men charged in Texas over 53 migrants who died last year in a sweltering tractor-trailer has pleaded guilty to smuggling-related charges More »


Prosecutors say cheek swab from Gilgo Beach murder suspect adds to evidence of guilt

Prosecutors say DNA from Gilgo Beach serial killing suspect Rex Heuermann’s cheek swab matches the DNA that authorities had previously collected from a pizza crust and used to link Heuermann to one of the victims More »


ExxonMobil loses bid to truck millions of gallons of crude oil through central California

ExxonMobil has lost a court bid to truck millions of gallons of crude oil through central California — a crucial part of its efforts to restart offshore oil wells that were shut in 2015 after a pipeline leak caused the worst coastal spill in 25 years More »


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