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LGBTQ chorus in Colorado Springs unifies community with song

A gay men's choir in Colorado Springs is among a group of organizations working locally to foster solidarity and healing after a shooting at a gay night club devastated Colorado Springs' LGBTQ community Learn More


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Trump probe: Court halts Mar-a-Lago special master review

A federal appeals court has halted an independent review of documents seized from former President Donald Trump’s Florida estate, removing a hurdle the Justice Department said had delayed its criminal investigation into the retention of top-secret government information More »


AP sources: Biden tells Dems he wants SC as 1st primary vote

President Joe Biden says Democrats should give up “restrictive” caucuses and move to champion diversity in the order of their presidential primary calendar More »


Infowars host Alex Jones files for personal bankruptcy

Infowars host Alex Jones has filed for personal bankruptcy protection in Texas as he faces nearly $1.5 billion in court judgments over conspiracy theories he spread about the Sandy Hook school massacre More »


For many Hawaiians, lava flows are a time to honor, reflect

Glowing lava from the world’s largest volcano is a sight to behold, but for many Native Hawaiians, Mauna Loa’s eruption is a time to pray, make offerings and honor both the natural and spiritual worlds More »


Hawaii eruption brings tourism boon during slow season

The spectacle of incandescent lava spewing from Hawaii's Mauna Loa has drawn thousands of visitors and is turning into a tourism boon for a Big Island town near the world’s largest volcano More »


Prosecution resumes closing argument at Trump Org. trial

Prosecutors have resumed their closing argument in the Trump Organization’s criminal tax fraud trial, promising to share previously unrevealed details about Donald Trump’s knowledge of a tax dodge scheme hatched by one of his top executives More »


Reform candidates lead in UAW races with 68% of vote counted

Members of the United Auto Workers union appear to favor replacing many of their current leaders in an election that stemmed from a federal bribery and embezzlement scandal involving former union officials More »


'Regret is not rape,' Weinstein lawyer says in closing

An attorney for Harvey Weinstein at his Los Angeles sexual assault trial told jurors that the prosecution's case relies entirely on asking them to trust accusers who have proved they were untrustworthy More »


National 988 mental health hotline back up after outage

The nation’s 988 call service for helping anyone experiencing a mental health emergency is back up and running after a daylong outage More »


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