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At the Florida Man Games, big crowds cheer competitors evading police, wrestling over beer

It's a showdown that treats evading police and wrestling over beer like they were Olympic sports More »


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'Totally cold' is not too cold for winter swimmers competing in a frozen Vermont lake

Plunging into a frozen lake and swimming laps may not be everyone’s good time but it is for some winter swimmers More »


How do whales sing? Lab experiments suggest their voice boxes have a unique feature

Whales sing loud enough that the sound travels through the ocean More »


Astronomers find what may be the universe's brightest object with a black hole devouring a sun a day

Astronomers have discovered what may be the brightest object in the universe More »


Caught at border with pythons in his pants, New York City man fined and sentenced to probation

Federal prosecutors say a New York City man who admitted to smuggling three Burmese pythons in his pants through a U.S.-Canadian border crossing was sentenced to a year of probation and fined $5,000 More »


Portland, Maine, shows love for late Valentine's Day Bandit by continuing his paper hearts tradition

The tradition of red hearts mysteriously appearing overnight across Maine’s largest city has continued despite the death last spring of its beloved Valentine’s Day Bandit More »


Charlotte, a stingray with no male companion, is pregnant in her mountain aquarium

A stingray that has lived for years in a North Carolina aquarium without a male companion is pregnant More »


In this centuries-old English pancake race, 'you just have to go flat out'

For centuries, women in one English town have run a pancake race to mark the day before the start of Lent More »


Motorist in England calls police to report he's too drunk to drive

Police in England say a drunken driver did the right thing after doing the wrong thing More »


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