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Ordering takeout? Try a live concert at home

(Reuters) - Live concerts are on the menu for home delivery, as musicians and audiences seek to satisfy their appetite for human interaction. Learn More


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Fresh pizza vending machine prompts curiosity and horror in Rome

ROME (Reuters) - Raffaele Esposito, the 19th century Neapolitan credited with inventing Italy's most famous type of pizza, may be turning in his grave: Rome has a new vending machine which slides out freshly cooked pizzas in just three minutes. More »


Kings of Lagos: children learn chess to seek escape from Nigeria's slums

LAGOS (Reuters) - A dozen children crowd around plastic tables in the Majidun neighbourhood of Lagos. Intently focused on plastic mats printed with chess boards, the children thoughtfully move pieces on the board as supervisors observe their moves. More »


French stunt school's 'badass' women snapped up by film industry

LE CATEAU-CAMBRESIS, France (Reuters) - Valeriane Michelini trained as a dancer before opting to tap into the growing demand for stuntwomen and a career of jumping out of helicopters, leaping from buildings and brawling. More »


Bees in the Netherlands trained to detect COVID-19 infections

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Dutch researchers have trained bees, which have an unusually keen sense of smell, to identify samples infected with COVID-19, a finding they said could cut waiting times for test results to just seconds. More »


How scientists are using a 'romantic solution' to save endangered white abalone

(Reuters) - White abalone - whose flesh is a delicacy and polished shell is prized as mother of pearl - are threatened with extinction. But scientists are looking to turn the tide for these unique sea snails by playing Cupid. More »


Art attack: Israeli ex-sniper blasts paint in mental health message

ASHDOD, Israel (Reuters) - Former Israeli army sniper David Roytman has turned his hand to action painting, using guns and live-fire ranges instead of brushes and studios to blast colours onto canvases. More »


Frontier flap: Belgian farmer moves border with France by 2 metres

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - A Belgian farmer unwittingly extended his country's territory by moving an ancient stone marking the border with France that was on his land, a group of local history enthusiasts discovered on a walk in a wooded area on the French side. More »


Serbian diner thanks those getting COVID shots with plates of roast meat

Kragujevac, SERBIA(Reuters) - Get a COVID-19 vaccine and you will be served a plate of spit-roast ox or wild game goulash for free - in the Serbian city of Kragujevac. More »


Busy bees in Colombia get respite in bamboo hotels

BARBOSA, Colombia (Reuters) - Solitary bees are enjoying new digs in Barbosa, Colombia, where tiny hotels built by the Aburra Valley Metropolitan Authority provide places to rest and recover after a busy day pollinating. More »


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