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Zebra runs loose in Seoul before being taken back to zoo

A young zebra walked, trotted, and galloped for hours in the busy streets of South Korea’s capital before emergency workers tranquilized the animal and brought it back to a zoo Learn More


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Escape-artist Missouri bear heads to Texas zoo with moat

An escape-artist bear from Missouri is headed to a Texas zoo with a moat in hopes it will put an end to his wandering More »


2 escape jail and go to IHOP, where patrons report them

Authorities say two inmates in a Virginia jail used primitive tools to create a hole in the wall of their cell and escape and were found hours later at an IHOP restaurant nearby More »


What made Beethoven sick? DNA from his hair offers clues

Scientists have pulled DNA from Ludwig van Beethoven's hair to look for clues about his many health problems and hearing loss More »


New deep-sea worm named after Trinidad & Tobago scientist

A new species of deep-sea worm that lives in extreme hot and cold environments on the ocean floor has been named after a marine scientist from Trinidad and Tobago More »


'Scream as loud as you can': 5 boys rescued from NYC tunnel

Five mischievous boys had to be rescued after they crawled through a storm drain tunnel in New York City and got lost More »


Get sett for delays: Badgers burrow under Dutch train tracks

Badgers burrowing under rail tracks have halted trains in the northern and southern Netherlands, forcing lengthy cancellations on at least two lines More »


Missing porcupine Brain returns to zoo, Pinky still missing

Police say one of two porcupines which went missing from a zoo in central Germany over the weekend has somehow found its way back home More »


Man gets 4 1/2 years for role in $8M online romance scam

A Massachusetts man convicted of helping to steal millions of dollars from hundreds of people in online romance scams, often regaling the victims with stories of oil rig explosions, now faces a 4 1/2-year prison sentence More »


Snap! Venus fly trap fans ask South Carolina to honor plant

Conservationists want South Carolina to make the Venus fly trap the state’s official carnivorous plant More »


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