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Shiny monolith removed from mountains outside Las Vegas. How it got there still is a mystery

A strange monolith found jutting out of the rocks in a remote mountain range near Las Vegas has been taken down by authorities More »


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Collecting sex-crazed zombie cicadas on speed: Scientists track a bug-controlling super-sized fungus

With their bulging red eyes and their alien-like mating sound, periodical cicadas can seem scary and weird enough More »


Vermont lawmaker apologizes for repeatedly pouring water in her colleague's bag

A Republican state lawmaker from Vermont has apologized for repeatedly pouring water into a Democratic colleague’s bag, after he caught her doing it on video More »


Gleaming monolith pops up in Nevada desert, the latest in a series of quickly vanishing structures

A strange monolith has been found jutting out of a remote mountain peak near Las Vegas More »


Baby moose trapped in a lake is saved by Alaska man and police as its worried mom watches

An Alaska man and two police officers have joined forces to rescue a baby moose that got stuck between a floatplane and a dock in a lake More »


No lie: Perfectly preserved centuries-old cherries unearthed at George Washington's Mount Vernon

Dozens of bottles of centuries-old, impeccably preserved cherries and berries from the cellar of George Washington's Mount Vernon estate in northern Virginia have been discovered during an archaeological dig More »


YouTube prankster says he was on the field at Euro 2024 opening ceremony dressed as mascot

A German YouTuber says he made it onto the field during the European Championship opening ceremony while disguised in a mascot costume More »


Think cicadas are weird? Check out superfans, who eat the bugs, use them in art and even striptease

The periodical cicadas that have blanketed parts of the American Midwest this spring are strange creatures, but they have nothing on some of their superfans More »


Malfunctioning steam room sets off alarm, prompts evacuation at Rhode Island YMCA

A malfunctioning steam room at a YMCA in Rhode Island pumped out so much steam that it triggered an a sprinkler system alarm, prompting an evacuation More »


Move over grizzlies and wolves: Yellowstone visitors hope to catch a glimpse of rare white buffalo

The recent appearance of a rare white bison calf has excited wildlife watchers in Yellowstone National Park More »


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