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Poppy-stealing pigeon offers poignant reminder of war anniversary

MELBOURNE (Reuters) - A pigeon has been pinching poppies from the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Australia's national war memorial in Canberra and using them to build a colorful nest in the lead-up to Remembrance Day commemorations. Learn More


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Bolivia's Morales a dictator? Apple's Siri says so (in Spanish)

LA PAZ (Reuters) - With political tension mounting in Bolivia over contested elections, Apple Inc's Siri appeared on Wednesday to briefly take the side of anti-government protesters often terming long-standing President Evo Morales a "dictator." More »


Dying for a better life: South Koreans fake their funerals for life lessons

SEOUL (Reuters) - A South Korean service is offering free funerals - but only to the living. More »


'Something novel': Chinese cafe dyes pups to look like pandas

CHENGDU, China (Reuters) - Would you like your dog transformed into a panda? More »


The race to eat Bangkok's 'biggest burger', a 10,000-calorie challenge

BANGKOK (Reuters) - A Bangkok burger joint has become an internet sensation after YouTubers started challenging each other to eat its biggest meal - a near 6kg (13 pound) patty covered in fried onion rings, bacon and mayonnaise. More »


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